Hello world, I am exited to announce this new page on my website "EL BLOG". In here is where I plan to share little pieces of my creative process and the how it works for me to create a design that it can be use in on a variety of media and  platforms. So without further ado let's attempt to give life to this new project, WELCOME ALL TO "EL BLOG".

The making of "My North Star Oliver Mateo"

Here’s an explanation about this project.  This is a personal project I started 4 years ago when my son, Oliver, was born.  I wanted to create a new logo/lettering design, featuring my little guy’s name which enabled me to canalize and infuse all of the new love experiences I was feeling the moment I became a parent!  So, for this year’s design, my theme was the map’s North star.  This star represented Oliver’s importance in my life; the way his love guided my entire world; the way his love gave me energy to find new ways to motivate, grow and evolve.


So, once I decided on the North star,  I needed to brainstorm all the possible ways I could express this through design.  Sketches started pouring into my notebook. After many, many mental sketches as well as tangible notebook sketches, I made the decision! I laid out the design and jumped on the computer to begin the vectorization process.  I even recorded this quick video, of the vectorization design process, which gives you a better sense of what this step of the project looks like.

Oliver Northstar sketches

The goods

Once the Illustrator file was ready,  I reduced the size of the logo and made a negative.  This enabled me to produce many options for the logo such as clothing apparel, stickers, decals, banners, posters, cards and the like.  All the grandparents, aunts and uncles loved the concept and proudly displayed Oliver’s shirts, etc.   I have fun giving and they have fun wearing!

I hope you enjoyed my videos depicting the entire process from start to finish!  So, how did you feel about this little project?

Were you thinking about doing something unique like this for your child, grandchild or for that “special” person in your life?  Let’s put our heads together and come up with a great design that shows your “love” and pride!  I’m right here to help with that process.  Write or call me and I can tell you about the time factor involved in this process.
I’m looking forward to designing with you!

Have a WONDERFUL day.